How to stay healthy

Diet, Exercise, Connections and Touch

Living a life where you're happier and kinder towards yourself is not just about what you can do. Sometimes you can't do it all yourself.

The healing powers of touch are well known, and that's where we come in!

Head Massage

No pain, no boring bits, just pure ecstasy as a pair of skilled hands gently stroke the delicate facial, brow and forehead muscles, releasing tension and toxins in equal measures.

Drink plenty of water afterwards to flush the toxins and you will feel fabulous.

Foot Massage

While we like to give a firm treatment, we don't advocate the painful approach to foot massage, we want you to enjoy it as much as we do and come back as often as you can.

A quick foot massage can be added to all our treatments, but a skilfully performed, comprehensive foot massage is a therapy in its own right. Allow an hour - 30 minutes for each foot, lay back, imagine you are in Bali or Hong Kong and enjoy!

Full Body Massage - Relaxation

Stress Relief

Our masseuses from China, Thailand and Korea are trained to take you on a journey of relaxation, indulgence, relief and awakening. They understand the tension that builds and how to let it out. 
This therapy can be addictive!

Our Speciality

Life is busy and you get caught in the routine. Here's a thought - manage that routine and book an hour every week for yourself. Not necessarily massage - it may be a drink with a friend, an overdue game of tennis or a bike ride around the park with the kids. But massage is where we come in. Make the massage appointment, arrive 5 minutes early so you are no rushed (though there is plenty of parking across the road), turn off your phone, and place yourself in our care.

Sometimes our customers present with a sore back or tight legs muscles and they are seeking some relief, sometimes they are already under treatment from a physiotherapist, chiropractor or acupuncturist and don't want the sore area touched.

If you do need remedial care, please be clear about the nature of the injury and how sensitive it is. We will focus the session appropriately, gently coaxing the damaged tissue into better health.

If you prefer us to leave it alone, just let us know about that too!

Maitland Chinese Massage

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